St. Valentine’s Day


How to plan a Surprise Romantic Hotel Night
Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to remind each other of the love you share. We’re all busy people with stresses of work and family responsibilities, but Valentine’s Day is a chance to focus on our love for each other. A day for love, laughter and joy.

Whilst a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or other item from the Valentine’s Day aisle in the store may be appreciated, it doesn’t take much thought. Consider instead a surprise romantic night at a hotel for you and your significant other to celebrate your union or reignite your relationship. Your beloved will adore you for the effort you have put into arranging the Valentine’s day surprise.
If you have young children, arrange for child-care for the night you’ll be away. You can choose to stay at a hotel that is close by or perhaps stay at a hotel that has meaning for you both. Make the reservation for the best room you can afford. Whilst just being together is wonderful, a king-size bed with white crisp linen, high-grade toiletries, a fluffy bathrobe and slippers and your order for champagne and flutes to be in the room will be additional touches your beloved will appreciate.
In advance of the day, get together some of the things you need to make your Valentine’s night romantic:

  • Scented candles to give the hotel room a soft glow
  • Massage oils
  • Rose petals
  • Sexy attire for you both. This can be new lingerie or silk shorts, or a new dress or outfit for your dinner before you get intimate.
  • Download some of your favourite and most romantic songs on your smart-phone to play softly.

Plan for a romantic meal. This night is about the two of you as a couple, so try not to let talk stray into finances, kids or work stress. If the hotel has a restaurant order your favorite foods from room service. Order strawberries dipped in chocolate for a romantic after dinner treat.
If you can, go to the hotel before your partner to set up the scene. Have your beloved meet you there. If you’ve ordered your meal as room service, set up a dining area. Sprinkle rose petals on the bed and set out the candles in safe places so nothing goes up in flames. Have the massage oils by the bed and have your music playing softly.
Run a bath that you can share, or let your lover bathe with a glass of champagne while you get ready for them to return to your room for a massage and more intimate times together. Enjoy!